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Austin Habitat for Humanity: Residential Condominiums

Austin, Texas

Winstead represented Austin Habitat for Humanity in its development of two residential condominium projects in East and South Austin.



Under construction, completion estimated 2026/early 2027

Austin Habitat for Humanity

In a city where living costs are soaring and finding housing is becoming more difficult, Winstead has taken on a unique role in two major housing initiatives led by Austin Habitat for Humanity. The projects—Persimmon Point Condominiums and Montopolis Townhomes Condominiums—are poised to bring needed relief to families in Austin.

These developments are strategically located in East and South Austin areas that are undergoing changes due to gentrification. Persimmon Point will offer a combination of 42 townhome-style units and 84 flat-style units, while Montopolis will provide 12 townhome-style units.

Winstead has been involved in both projects from the start, and the firm’s expertise in structuring condominium governance and overall development has been instrumental.

The story behind these initiatives goes beyond constructing buildings. It’s about fostering communities. The goal of Persimmon Point and Montopolis is not only to offer housing but also to enhance the quality of life for their residents. For instance, the proximity to transportation, the provision of bike racks, and the presence of attractions like a theater and playscape at Persimmon Point highlight a dedication to community-centered living.

These projects aim to maintain homeowner assessment expenses at a minimum, preserving the affordability of these residences. This ensures that families earning 80% or less of Austin’s median family income can realistically aspire and plan to become homeowners.

Persimmon Point and Montopolis are certain to have a substantial impact on the Austin area. With the average home price in Austin currently surpassing $600,000, Persimmon Point’s affordable price range of $155,000 to $225,000 will be truly transformative for so many hopeful homeowners in the region. Additionally, these residences adhere to Austin Energy Green Building 3-Star standards, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

At its core, these projects are not about constructing houses but about fostering environments where families can flourish, children can experience stability as they grow up, and communities can prosper.

Winstead’s participation in Austin Habitat for Humanity’s development of Persimmon Point and Montopolis Townhomes has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Winstead is a longstanding supporter of Austin Habitat for Humanity, contributing to the Neighborhood Build Day and volunteering in various capacities. The firm takes pride in backing Austin Habitat for Humanity’s vision of a world where everyone has a safe and affordable place to live.